Work in Progress

Work in Progress

Remember this painting I started and shared quite a while back? (you can see my previous post here.)

Well, It has been sitting on the shelf for a while now. I often have to put pieces away for a while if I reach a point where I feel stuck or not quite sure what to do next, or something about the piece is just not flowing for me. This was one of those pieces until recently when I brought it back out and continued to work on the background. 
watercolor mixed media

This is what came of my time working on this piece. It looks very different, but I like it better and am excited to keep working on it. Sometimes time is the answer for inspiration, at least that is what I have found with certain pieces. I also find that the more I add to a background or change it that its helpful to turn the canvas different ways to determine which way the piece looks best.

watercolor mixed media 5

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!:)




Sharing a print that is now available in my Etsy Shop. This print is the last of the pieces I have created for the LOL gala (you can read more about LOL here). This piece was inspired by a photo that I took while in Tanzania Africa when I was a college student. I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad for a summer and it was truly an experience that has changed me and one that I am so grateful for.

While there, I took thousands of photos and as I sifted through photos I immediately knew I wanted this to be my inspiration for the painting.


This little girl carrying baby on her back in the front stole my heart and that was my focus for this painting

This piece is titled: “Hope”


This print is now available as an 8×10 in my Etsy Shop.

Have a wonderful day!:)

She Found Freedom to Dance

She Found Freedom to Dance

Free to Dance Collage

I wanted to share with you my most recent mixed media painting that is now complete. This painting probably underwent the most transformation of any of my paintings, but I am really happy with how it turned out. You can see previous photos of the painting documented through the process here.

I really enjoyed the process of this piece as I was challenged to use a color palette different than what I am naturally drawn to. It was kind of scary to take the risk of covering so much of the piece in dark, but I am really glad I did, and I think it adds so much to the completed piece.

This piece is titled: She Found Freedom to dance 

Free to DanceFree to Dance Collage4
Free to Dance Collage2

Free to Dance close up7

This painting will be available for purchase in the near future. I will be sure to keep you updated on when it is available in my Etsy Shop. For now, I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the completed painting and my process throughout!

Have a wonderful day!

A few thoughts & New Prints

A few thoughts & New Prints

Happy April 1st! Looking forward to saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring!:)

we have had a lot going on recently and are looking toward some possible big changes… and I am only beginning to process it all. I hope to share more with you in the upcoming weeks… as with any change, it is exciting and at times can be overwhelming. Yet, I am thankful for change, for new seasons, and new opportunities that stretch me and allow for growth. To grow in trust and gratitude, to allow the process to shape me, that my heart may be more open to others, more loving, and less about me. These are the things I pray I will embrace through seasons of change.

This song, “Oceans” has been played countless times in our home over the last few weeks. Hope it encourages you today!:)


I also wanted to share with you two prints that are now available in my Etsy Shop. These were among some of my first paintings. You can read about what they were originally created for here.

Girl 1 signature

“Arketos Charis” (Greek words meaning Sufficient Grace)

Choose To See Signature

“Choose to See”

To read more about these prints, stop by my Etsy Shop:

button potential 4

A little bit of lately

A little bit of lately

Just a few photos from recent moments in my everyday…

mar14 plant painting

 succulent watercolor in progress 

mar14 reading

 I am Malala. Reading this for a book club I am part of. Such an incredible story with many provoking words to ponder. If you are looking for something to read next, I highly recommend this one.

mar14 spring

staying hopeful that spring is right around the corner:) 

mar14 quilting

onto my next sewing adventure :)

mar14 new table

 Amazing, right? I will do a full post on this soon, but had to share a peek at our new farmhouse style table (still needs paint on the bottom), built by my husband! It’s just perfect!


In shop news:

I have re-stocked my “Sunflowers” and “Poppies” prints in my Etsy Shop



Have a wonderful day!:)

New Mixed Media Original

New Mixed Media Original

Happy Monday!:)

I hope you had a restful weekend!

I am excited to share with you today a new mixed media painting that is now available in my Etsy Shop.

“Beauty in the Everyday”

Bird painting

I am so inspired by nature, what I see right outside my window, on a walk.

Birds close up

This painting reflects the beauty that we see all around us, in the simple, everyday moments.

Birds close up1

Bird painting1

For more details about this piece, stop over at my Etsy Shop.

button potential 4

Have a wonderful day!

My First Quilt!

My First Quilt!

Guys, I never thought this day would come (a little dramatic I know, but seriously)… I made my first quilt and can say that I enjoyed the process so much!  My friend Kaylan and I have ventured into a few sewing projects (read about our patchwork pillows here) which have been so much fun, just the inspiration and push I have needed to actually sew something from start to finish. This quilt was so rewarding and really fun to create, especially alongside a friend!

Our plan was to make a jelly roll quilt, so we used this general pattern/video for our guide. However, Kaylan and I both like having some creative freedom, so we decided to cut our own strips of thrifted fabric  and other fabric pieces we had. We basically cut out strips and started sewing them together strip by strip creating larger blocks and then we pieced together the blocks to create the larger quilt! We used muslin for the backing and added a nice thick edge around the quilt to complete the look!

a little of the process:



fabric blocks



sewing strips and blocks together 


measuring the backing

Here are some photos Kaylan shared with me that were taken at her house throughout the process!

My quilt is the one on the left and Kaylans is on the right in the photo below… I really love how they both turned out!

2 quilts

2 quilts 1

2 quilts 2

2 quilts 4

2 quilts 3

We are on to planning our next quilt… flying geese style quilt! can’t wait to get started!

What kinds of sewing projects do you enjoy?

New in the Shop

New in the Shop

New prints are now available in my shop. I am so Inspired by vintage botanical prints and loved looking through so many from the 1800s to create some of my own watercolor botanicals to complete this series. I hope you like botanicals as much as I do!

botanicals 2 botanicals 3

check out details of each print here:

button potential 4

still to come… a new original mixed media painting, prints, and note cards

Have a wonderful day!

On My Desk: Aquabord

On My Desk: Aquabord

Aquabord. I was first introduced to this medium about a year ago by watercolor artist, Christen Yates at a local art festival in Grove City, PA. This was long before I began delving into watercolors myself, so I kind of put it in the back of my mind for a long time. Since I have really loved watercolor painting as I have done more of it, I knew I wanted to try using aquabord. So, last week I ordered some aquabord and painted with it for the first time. so much fun!

What I love about aquabord is that its a hardboard panel perfect for mounting onto various surfaces (I would love to create some barn wood cradles to mount these on) and it is also much more forgiving than watercolor paper. The surface allows for more flexibility with moving paint around, lifting it out, all the while maintaining the soft look of watercolors.

I thought I would bring some spring cheer with a birds nest and bright blue egg painting… here’s to hoping spring is right around the corner:)

aquabord birds nest

aquabord birds nest 1


On another note: I have a new mixed media original, several new prints, and note cards ready to be put in my Etsy Shop! Hoping to start getting some of those up this week!:) Can’t wait to share with you!

Have a wonderful day!

Custom Keychains

Custom Keychains

One thing I love about being contacted to do commission work is that often the person has an idea of something they would like to see come to fruition. It’s fun to hear other’s ideas, visions, and to work with someone to create something that fulfills those desires.

I had the first time opportunity to create custom leather key chains  for Jesse’s aunt. She is a realistate lawyer and had the idea to give her first time home owners a custom key chain. I thought it was a great idea and we quickly began to discuss ideas for what the key chains might look like.

It was decided that each key chain would read “Home Sweet Home,” with a painted house next to it.

I dyed a few leather belts, cut, and added an eyelet to each for the key chain ring to go through.


Supplies 1

I then carved a stamp of a house using E-Z cut printing blocks and carving tools


I pounded the words into the key chains, stamped the key chain using various paint colors and the stamp. To finish it off, I used a white gel pen to outline the house and sprayed them all with sealant.

Here is how they turned out:

Home Sweet Home 5

Key Chains

Home Sweet Home Key Chains 1

I am really happy with how these turned out and Jesse’s aunt loved them which is always so encouraging when doing commission work!

I hope these key chains add to the experience and excitement for many first time home owners!:)