Starting with a sketch

Starting with a sketch

A little glimpse for you today from a painting I have been working on this week.


a lot of background work so far: vintage wallpaper, old book binding material, acrylic paint, stamps, bubble wrap are a few materials that make up the background for this piece.

When I have a specific idea, I like to sketch it out first. I am excited to see the beginning pencil sketch develop.

DSC_0701This painting is on my “to work on this week” list, so I will keep you posted on the progress.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying the beautiful sunshine!:)

Recent Commission :: Bridesmaid Cuffs

Recent Commission :: Bridesmaid Cuffs

bridal party lace cuffs2

It’s always fun to have a message in my inbox about possible commission work. I really enjoy hearing what ideas people may have for a specific painting or cuff.  I don’t often share commission work mostly because I am usually to excited to get the commission in the hands of the customer that I forget to snap a photo of it before sending it off. This is something I want to be better at and so here’s to starting today!:)

I was recently asked to make four cuffs from an original cuff I created as part of my lace collection for bridesmaid gifts. Weddings are so full of special memories, and I am honored that these cuffs will be gifted to people who are very special to the bride.

bridal party lace cuffs3

Each cuff is hand dyed, made with pieces of antique lace (my favorite part of the cuff), and completed with pearls sewn on the middle of each lace flower

bridal party lace cuffs4Stop by my Etsy Shop to see more cuffs!

button potential 4

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Good Morning!:)

Although we are still in the process of getting my art studio setup in our new house, I have had some time to pull out some paints and create since our move.

vintage bicycle mixed media

I absolutely love old architecture and vintage pieces. We have purchased a few old ceiling tiles for decor around our home, and often take opportunities to stop by antique stores to see what we can find. What I enjoy most about old architecture and vintage pieces is the story they tell. It’s fun to imagine all the possibilities of where pieces come from, how they were used, who enjoyed them.

For this painting, I wanted  to create a vintage feel, incorporating architecture and a vintage bicycle. It is still very much in process, but I am excited about doing something a little different and am excited about the story that will unfold as I continue creating!

vintage bicycle mixed media1

Have a wonderful day!

Summer Snapshots

Summer Snapshots

 I hope you are enjoying summer!:)

We are enjoying this season of fresh farmers markets and produce stands, work in our own garden, time for rest and enjoying the outdoors, summer cooking, to name a few. Here are a few photos I have snapped throughout the summer of such things!:)


Afternoon sunlight


summer cooking. This Asian Quinoa Salad is delicious


Fresh herbs from a walk to our garden


Homemade lemonade with pineapple mint.. a summer must have!:)


first berry harvest from our backyard bushes

fresh flowers

Fresh flowers around our home cut from our gardens

Fresh greens

 Greens… hello kale and arugula salads

What are you enjoying this summer?:)

Our Family is Growing!

Our Family is Growing!

Hello Everyone!:)

whew, it’s been a while since I have been here, but I promise I haven’t disappeared!:)

We have had a full month with moving and getting settled, but have been enjoying summer so much and opportunities to be outside! We were also able to get away for a few days and head to the Jersey shore with my in-laws, which was super relaxing and a much needed break!:)

I also have VERY exciting news that I have been looking forward to sharing with you all…

Jesse and I are expecting our first baby this upcoming November… and it’s a GIRL!:)


We could not be more excited for this new adventure and time truly seems to be moving along rather quickly!

I am sure I will be sharing more about the life of our growing family with you all in days to come. :)

I hope you are enjoying your summer and getting outdoors often!




New Print in the Shop

New Print in the Shop

Happy Monday!:)

Just popping in to share my newest print now available in the Shop.

This is a professional quality 8×8 Giclee print of my original mixed media painting, “Beauty in the Everyday

I really enjoyed creating this piece and focusing on the use of texture. The original painting was made with vintage papers and doilies, modeling paste, acrylic paints, ink, and charcoal.

mixed media bird painting

For more details about the print, stop by my Etsy Shop!

In other shop news, I am working on card sets to put in my shop as well, so I will keep you posted and hope to share those in the near future.

Have a wonderful day!:)

A little bit of Lately

A little bit of Lately

Sharing some glimpses at thankful moments these past few weeks as we continue getting settled, painting rooms, unpacking, etc. We have spent a great deal of time outside enjoying the beautiful weather, gardening, flower pot making, and bringing fresh cut flowers inside to enjoy.

We are truly loving this home more and more and the process of making it our own is so much fun. I have to be reminded though to take time to enjoy the little things, to be thankful for moments like walking to the back garden, putting together flowers for our front porch… to stop and see the beauty that is all around. Its easy to trudge forward to the next thing, to not even take a breath to enjoy little moments because I am so busy thinking about my list of whats next to get done. These photos are reminders to me to take time to be thankful for simple things in every day, because let’s be honest, where does rushing through life get you? I want to choose to see beauty in the little things and be thankful for small moments.

backyard planting

Flowers for our porch
Porch plants Plantshubby mowing the lawn (I tried too and who would have known it could be so fun!:))


fresh eggschicken eggs

painting pots for splashes of color painted pots

time creatingwatercolors

I hope you to take time to enjoy beauty today in the simple and in what is around you, whatever it may be for you!:)

Our New Home::Getting Settled

Our New Home::Getting Settled

fresh flowers

We are moved into our new home! We had SO much help and are so thankful for family and friends who came to help and seriously made our move so so smooth!

We are slowly unpacking and getting organized. One day at a time is what we keep reminding ourselves, as we find ourselves wishing everything was done and the house set up how we want by tomorrow. hehe! not realistic, I know!

We were able to get two rooms painted before we moved in and will be working on a few more rooms in the upcoming weeks! We had a lot of fun picking colors for the rooms, especially after living in apartments where every room has been the same off-white color. We did paint the trim in two of the rooms, which was a tough decision as the original woodwork is beautiful. We decided to only do it in two rooms and leave the rest for now.:)

My pre moving project was to make roman shades. I was very intimidated at the thought, but followed this diy tutorial and they really turned out well! It has definitely been a time consuming project, but definitely worth it considering how expensive roman shades can be (you can see the shades in the photo below).

Piano Room

What I am slightly giddy over is that we started planting our veggie and herb gardens!! eek!! I am soooo excited you guys!:) The previous owners left 8 raised beds and it is so exciting to be able to fill them. Last year was our first year with a little garden at our apartment… we learned that gardens go much better if they are organized, so this year we are keeping the garden very organized. We have filled three so far and plan to get some seeds and plants in the others asap.


loving our hens!:)


Can’t wait to share more with you as we continue settling in to our new home.

Little Lamb Painting

Little Lamb Painting

We are gearing up for our move and I think we are in pretty good shape!:)

Although I haven’t been able to spend a ton of time creating, I managed to do a little watercolor painting the last few weeks and thought I would share it with you.

We were recently on a walk with some friends and stopped by a barn to see the animals. The owner was there and very eagerly invited us inside the barn to see all the baby lambs they had. There is something just so precious about lambs. When we left, I knew I wanted to paint a lamb, and so in some of the spare moments I have had over the last few weeks, I have been working on this little lamb.

lamb painting

I am not sure this lamb in finished, but for now I will set it aside and revisit when my studio is back together.

lamb painting 1

I really enjoyed painting this lamb and perhaps will venture into some more animal painting… we will see!:)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Our First House!

Our First House!

Hello! Feels like its been a while, but  I am here to share some exciting news. We have been busy packing away and are moving into our first house this upcoming weekend!:)

PicMonkey Collage

We are moving from our current apartment to a beautiful farmhouse home right down the street. This house was built in 1870 and has SO much character, which we love!  The home belonged to our good friends and we have loved their home, and when they told us they were selling, we immediately started looking into the possibility of purchasing it.  The rest is really history. Although we will miss them as neighbors, we truly feel so blessed to be moving into a home in which we know the previous owners and know how much the home meant to them.

I am sure I will have many projects to share with you as we move in and get settled. As I unpack and get my art studio settled in our new home, I hope to share more art with you also!

It’s hard to believe we are actually moving into a house, feels a little surreal, but we are so excited and thankful to be able to move into this beautiful house!:)

Also have to mention that the house comes with 10 laying hens and we already love our girls!