I Went Shopping…

I Went Shopping…

We really enjoy seasonal decorating in our home, making little changes in decor to reflect the season we are in.  Its this time of year, when Christmas decorations have come down,  but when it’s still a little early for splashes of spring, that I find it more difficult to make such little changes.  However, I find it really fun to “go shopping” in our home and use what we have, because so often moving some things around, swapping pieces between rooms, gives a home a fresh look, without having to spend money to make such changes. :)  So, over the last couple of days, we did just that… shopped our home.  We took some pieces from other rooms, took some out of storage, and moved some pieces around.  We ended up with simple changes in decor with a natural feel.  We are enjoying the simplicity!:) I wanted to share a few photos with you of of our home post shopping:)


Our Buffet: some natural branches, old books wrapped in twine, coffee filter flowers, birch, simple white pitcher, and frame with a postcard from England

Buffet 1


We made this wreath using coffee filters, using this Martha Stewart tutorial I love that this wreath was easy to make, but looks so beautiful and detailed.


We really like coffee filters I suppose!:) We used this tutorial from The White Bench blog to make these coffee filter flowers.  I just think they are so fun!:)

Mantle Shelf

Our Mantel Shelf: old ceiling tile piece, some birch logs (love birch!),  mini lanterns, and a wreath with splashes of dried red flowers (the flowers are just placed in the wreath, so they can be easily removed to use the wreath over again)

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our home!:)

Have a wonderful day!:)

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    • Thanks so much Kaylan!! The tile pieces are from Construction Junction in Pittsburgh, PA. Its basically a reuse store, with tons and tons of building materials (old doors, ceiling tiles, toilets, sinks, paint, probably if you name it, they have it)… so if you are ever Pittsburgh way, check it out!:) here is the link to their website: http://www.constructionjunction.org/

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