Brusho Painting 1

Brusho. I had never heard of brusho until Christmas, when I received some brusho powders as a gift. Let me just say… It is so much fun! Brusho is basically water color ink powder that is highly pigmented to produce intense and vibrant colors, that are also transparent. You can sprinkle the powder onto wet paper, mix it with water and use it as you would use traditional watercolors, or use diluted bleach to separate the brusho and create a unique effect.  Those are just a few techniques I tried.


 I started by letting the powder and water take form. It is really fun to watch the powder hit the paper and spread to create various forms and colors. Once I put some color on the paper, I saw that the powder and water formed what looked to me like abstract flower shapes, so I decided to let it dry and then go back with traditional watercolor paint to define the flowers a little bit more.

Brusho Painting

These are super fun to experiment with and I hope to do more with them, especially because they push me to be creative and bold with colors, which is not natural to me.  I tend to gravitate towards neutral or more subtle colors, but the brusho powders are about as vibrant as one can get, which I am finding to be very fun and am enjoying more than I probably would have guessed!:)


I thought it would be fun to share some Brusho work from Joanne Boon Thomas… her work is incredible and so beautiful and inspiring:





Have a wonderful day!:)

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    • Thanks – yeah, I would totally recommend them for a new project or when you feel like trying something new – they are really fun!

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