Current work in Process Documented

Current work in Process Documented


I have been spending a lot of time creating (yay!). I wanted to share a current painting I am working on. One of my goals this year was to document my process more consistently. Usually, I have every intention of taking photos along the way, but end up completely forgetting to do so, and therefore only have a few photos to show for it.

Not only do I want to document my process so that I can share it, but it will also be super beneficial to be able to look back at each stage of my paintings. I think its a really good way to grow in creating. So, this is one of the first paintings I have worked on in the new year and so far I have documented each stage. It always amazes me how much my paintings tend to change throughout the process.

I am still not finished with this piece, but thought I would share my progression so far, along with a few thoughts I had throughout the process.

Rain Girl Progress 1

Phase 1:The background is created. I tried to place papers and images according to where I thought I wanted to place my girl (I do not always know what I am going to paint before doing the background, but for this one I did)

Phase 2: Includes the color palette I chose to use and paint that has been applied in various ways (stencils, scraping, brayer, etc.), and also a simple under-painting of a girl and umbrella

Phase 3: The girls dress wasn’t quite the look I was going for and altered it, along with adding some paper to the umbrella to create a collage type look; I decided that I actually liked the look of the under-painting, and decided to continue building values into the girl without adding color.

Phase 4: The bright blue color (the circles) became too much for me… I felt like it added noise to the painting, so I started by toning down the blue color. In doing so, I decided I didn’t like all of the circles and so I covered some up with doilies.

I also wanted to add some “context” to the painting so it didn’t appear that the girl was floating in mid air, so I added an abstract/subtle stone path.

The umbrella was looking a bit too large, so I also made the umbrella smaller

Phase 5: I was still struggling with what felt like too busy of a painting, so I decided to add some white space with a little bit of texture carved into it.

Phase 6: I wanted the umbrella to be a little more defined and realistic, so I replaced the umbrella with all new paper

I continued to build values into the girl and took away a little white in the corner to allow the flower to come through

I hope you enjoyed seeing and reading a little bit about my process and my thoughts behind each phase and the changes I made!:)

I will be sure to share with you the rest of the phases and final painting when it is complete!

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  1. This is beautiful!! I love the cool color theme you chose with the blues and greens and grays. Goes well with the umbrella idea I think. So pretty!! Can’t wait to see more:)

    • Thank you so much Olivia!:) yeah, I tried the more bright blue as you can see in the first few photos, but I just didn’t feel like it went with the softness of the piece :)

    • Thank you Kaylan!!:) I will definitely be doing more of these posts, just as long as I can remember to have my camera on hand ;)

    • Thank you so much Emily! I typically do not plan so much either, so I am trying to do it more to see if it makes a difference in my process. I can get stuck sometimes when I don’t have a plan, but other times it works really well. So, I am excited to see how this process of more looking back and planning will go :)

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