Inspired by Botanicals

Inspired by Botanicals

Vintage Botanical Cards

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How beautiful are the botanical prints above? There is something about botanicals that I find so organic, natural, yet unique. I really love looking through postcards or prints at antique stores, in hopes of finding vintage botanicals like the ones above. I decided to do a little botanical inspired series of watercolor paintings. I am in the early stages, but thought I would share a few that are in progress so far.

For my inspiration, I used the Graphics Fairy vintage botanical images (you can find the link to each of the above botanicals below the images). I looked through so many prints and used some of my favorites to sketch from.


I wanted to give a little bit of a worn look to my botanicals, so I used coffee diluted in a little bit of water to stain the watercolor paper. I will most likely add more, since as you can see from the photos, the coffee at this point isn’t super prominent.


I plan to add some ink to my paintings… I think it will add to the crisp look that botanicals seem to have. Flowers

I think these would make a really fun botanical card pack! You may see some of the designs in my society6 shop also! I will keep you posted :)

Have a wonderful day!

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