My First Quilt!

My First Quilt!

Guys, I never thought this day would come (a little dramatic I know, but seriously)… I made my first quilt and can say that I enjoyed the process so much!  My friend Kaylan and I have ventured into a few sewing projects (read about our patchwork pillows here) which have been so much fun, just the inspiration and push I have needed to actually sew something from start to finish. This quilt was so rewarding and really fun to create, especially alongside a friend!

Our plan was to make a jelly roll quilt, so we used this general pattern/video for our guide. However, Kaylan and I both like having some creative freedom, so we decided to cut our own strips of thrifted fabric  and other fabric pieces we had. We basically cut out strips and started sewing them together strip by strip creating larger blocks and then we pieced together the blocks to create the larger quilt! We used muslin for the backing and added a nice thick edge around the quilt to complete the look!

a little of the process:



fabric blocks



sewing strips and blocks together 


measuring the backing

Here are some photos Kaylan shared with me that were taken at her house throughout the process!

My quilt is the one on the left and Kaylans is on the right in the photo below… I really love how they both turned out!

2 quilts

2 quilts 1

2 quilts 2

2 quilts 4

2 quilts 3

We are on to planning our next quilt… flying geese style quilt! can’t wait to get started!

What kinds of sewing projects do you enjoy?

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