A few thoughts & New Prints

A few thoughts & New Prints

Happy April 1st! Looking forward to saying goodbye to winter and hello to spring!:)

we have had a lot going on recently and are looking toward some possible big changes… and I am only beginning to process it all. I hope to share more with you in the upcoming weeks… as with any change, it is exciting and at times can be overwhelming. Yet, I am thankful for change, for new seasons, and new opportunities that stretch me and allow for growth. To grow in trust and gratitude, to allow the process to shape me, that my heart may be more open to others, more loving, and less about me. These are the things I pray I will embrace through seasons of change.

This song, “Oceans” has been played countless times in our home over the last few weeks. Hope it encourages you today!:)


I also wanted to share with you two prints that are now available in my Etsy Shop. These were among some of my first paintings. You can read about what they were originally created for here.

Girl 1 signature

“Arketos Charis” (Greek words meaning Sufficient Grace)

Choose To See Signature

“Choose to See”

To read more about these prints, stop by my Etsy Shop:

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  1. Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for linking to that beautiful song, Oceans. Wow! What a great song. I love the new prints that you have posted to your shop.

    I look forward to hearing more about these big changes you have planned. I am with you and looking forward to Springtime. The weather here in Michigan has finally started to warm a little. It was wonderful to feel the sunshine on my face this past weekend. I miss being in my garden.

    Kindest regards,

  2. Funny we are going through the same things in so many ways- but different ways at the same time! Once things are settled down a bit (you know what i mean!) I am planning to order a few things from your shop :)

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