Playing with Patterns

Playing with Patterns

Ever since getting into mixed media I have wanted to create my own original paper to use for paintings. I currently use vintage papers which I love (and will continue using even if I venture into my own paper making), but there is something about taking my own work and using it to create patterns that just excites me. This thought has always kind of sat in my mind without much action, but this past week as I was adding a few of my botanicals to my society6 shop I was reminded again of trying to create some patterns. I think some of the products offered through society6 would look really nice with patterns more-so than a single image, so that got me thinking and trying my hand at creating some patterns both for paper purposes and possibly society6.

I had SO much fun you guys! The process of taking a small piece of something I created and forming it into a pattern is just so fun. I used Adobe Photoshop CS4 to create the patterns and played around with various images. I cropped little sections of paintings I have created, ran with it and here is what I came up with:

(I have also included some of the original images so you can see what I started with)

Pattern crop2

Flower Pattern




Pattern4  Patterns2 This is definitely a new creative outlet that I will be exploring more of. I am excited to have some of these printed on paper to use for mixed media paintings and you may see them in my society6 shop soon too!

Have a wonderful day!

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