Our First House!

Our First House!

Hello! Feels like its been a while, but  I am here to share some exciting news. We have been busy packing away and are moving into our first house this upcoming weekend!:)

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We are moving from our current apartment to a beautiful farmhouse home right down the street. This house was built in 1870 and has SO much character, which we love!  The home belonged to our good friends and we have loved their home, and when they told us they were selling, we immediately started looking into the possibility of purchasing it.  The rest is really history. Although we will miss them as neighbors, we truly feel so blessed to be moving into a home in which we know the previous owners and know how much the home meant to them.

I am sure I will have many projects to share with you as we move in and get settled. As I unpack and get my art studio settled in our new home, I hope to share more art with you also!

It’s hard to believe we are actually moving into a house, feels a little surreal, but we are so excited and thankful to be able to move into this beautiful house!:)

Also have to mention that the house comes with 10 laying hens and we already love our girls!

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    • Thank you so much!!!:) We are so excited and ready to move! Can’t believe it is already here! I hope your gardens are coming along!:)

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