Our New Home::Getting Settled

Our New Home::Getting Settled

fresh flowers

We are moved into our new home! We had SO much help and are so thankful for family and friends who came to help and seriously made our move so so smooth!

We are slowly unpacking and getting organized. One day at a time is what we keep reminding ourselves, as we find ourselves wishing everything was done and the house set up how we want by tomorrow. hehe! not realistic, I know!

We were able to get two rooms painted before we moved in and will be working on a few more rooms in the upcoming weeks! We had a lot of fun picking colors for the rooms, especially after living in apartments where every room has been the same off-white color. We did paint the trim in two of the rooms, which was a tough decision as the original woodwork is beautiful. We decided to only do it in two rooms and leave the rest for now.:)

My pre moving project was to make roman shades. I was very intimidated at the thought, but followed this diy tutorial and they really turned out well! It has definitely been a time consuming project, but definitely worth it considering how expensive roman shades can be (you can see the shades in the photo below).

Piano Room

What I am slightly giddy over is that we started planting our veggie and herb gardens!! eek!! I am soooo excited you guys!:) The previous owners left 8 raised beds and it is so exciting to be able to fill them. Last year was our first year with a little garden at our apartment… we learned that gardens go much better if they are organized, so this year we are keeping the garden very organized. We have filled three so far and plan to get some seeds and plants in the others asap.


loving our hens!:)


Can’t wait to share more with you as we continue settling in to our new home.

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