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Shenyang University of Chemical Technology International Education school Teaching staff

Tong Yuping 佟玉平

Tong Yuping, professor, doctor of literature. Dean of the school of foreign languages and the school of international education, Shenyang University of chemical technology.

Wang Chunyu 王春雨

Master degree, associate professor, secretary of the general Party branch, vice Dean of the School of foreign languages and International Education School, Shenyang University of chemical technology.

Ma Lin 马林

Master degree,Deputy secretary and vice president of the general Party branch and vice dean of the school of foreign language and interantional education school.

Du Xuanying 杜璇瑛

Associate professor, master's supervisor, Vice Dean of International Education School.

Yang Bo 杨博

Director of Admission / Ext. Relations Administration syict2009@126.com (86-24)8938-1026

Cai Shiqi 蔡世祺

Account Assistant caishiqi@syuct.edu.cn (86-24)8938-1119

Ma Lili 马立立

Lecturer of Chinese Language malili@syuct.edu.cn (86-24)8938-1119

Yang Ruobing 杨若冰

Administrative Assistant yrb128@syuct.edu.cn (86-24)8938-1119

Wu Haidi 吴海迪

Lecturer of Chinese Language wuhaidi@syuct.edu.cn (86-24)8938-1119

Wang Jianhua 王建华

Accommodation Officer (86-24)8938-1026

Dou Dong 窦 东

Instructor (86-24)8938-1026

Liu Zhanyu 刘占宇

Lecturer of Chinese Language zyl_east@hotmail.com (86)13079824566,(86-24)8938-1119

Wang Meng 王梦

王梦 Instructor 285745882@qq.com 024-89384246

Zhang Shuyi 张舒怡

Instructor 623051017@qq.com 024-89384246


Teaching Secretary 1126422800@qq.com 024-89381119

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