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On Wednesday 23rd of October the international student union held a meeting with Doudong laoshi and the floor captains -leaders in the international student dormitory. The meeting started around 5:00pm and ended at 7:00pm. In the meeting laoshi reminded us of important things the students should be aware, such as the dormitory rules and being carefully with online cheating and all also remind the rolls of floor captains. And the meeting attendances will forward the meeting contents to each international student in Shenyang University of chemical technology.

Aware rules as a student:

The police report issues last semester is counted, some students are doing drugs and frauds, majority of the students don’t have any problems but because of the few the image of our school is destroyed. So to all students let’s remember our rules as students and follow them I believe we are matured enough to know the reason of why we are here, so maintain being good students and avoid being involved in any criminal case.

We should stay away from drugs because it affects our health, lead to academic failure and also jeopardizes safety. It also creates problem to our family, school and with our friends too so avoid being associated in any drug dealing for better life.

Being carefully with social networks scammers and online cheating

WeChat and QQ is an iOS and Android app that has gained popularity around the world, with 438 million users worldwide, 368 millions of those users hailing from China. With such a large user base, it's no wonder that scams have finally popped up. This comes after China has closed 20 million WeChat accounts, which were reportedly involved with prostitution.

Popular Chinese messaging and social media app WeChat and QQ is a hotspot for scammers looking to exploit victims out of money. There are different types of scams perpetrated on the WeChat and QQ platform such as romance scams, job scams, even a scam that results in physical mugging or investing money.

How to Protect Yourself

* Never send money to someone you haven’t met in person

* Be cautious when talking to new people online

* Do a reverse image search. You can use Google or other photo services such as TinEye to search for their profile picture and bring up its source.

* Don't give your bank card number to anyone or WeChat account.

Propaganda from the police station:

Police station printed a document which is written some of the telecommunication frauds and here are five among 48 of them

  1. Posing as a friend scam using QQ app

  2. Posing as a company CEO fraud

  3. WeChat pretending to be an old fraud

  4. WeChat camouflage identity fraud

  5. Fictional car accident fraud

Dormitory rules:

We all remember the inspection we had by the police two weeks ago, and most of the rooms were found with illegal materials such as illegal electric device. Electric cooker, microwave and such as the high-power electrical appliance are not allowed to be kept inside your rooms. Since it was the first inspection warning has been given to everyone so I believe we will follow the rules of the dormitory as we are ought to do so. Next time the school fins you with any illegal material and all inappropriate materials inside your rooms. Actions will be taken accordingly since you have been warned already.

Rolls of the floor captain:

As a floor captain you should always maintain silence in your floor especially at night, last week the international student department received a complaint from high position about the noise made in 5th floor at night, right now the office is taking action on this issue, so as floors captains make sure you deal with your floor. Taking care of kitchen and all other places around the corridors this includes maintaining cleanliness and making sure people hang theirs clothes in the right place . being aware of emergence cases such as someone being sick and yes providing first aid to the person if possible.

Let all be leaders to ourselves and others, you are a student live as one, avoid breaking laws, fraud, drugs work or doing business. Follow the rule and you will have a better life in school. Thank you

Written by: PRO SUG

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