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Autumn Trip 2018

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Like every year, the autumn trip for the first semester was arranged. This year the destination was the Old Bian ditch in Benxi, Liaoning Province. All the registration process was timely done by the Welfare office of SUG. The other arrangements were also made clear by the office.

The day fixed for this trip was 16th October, Tuesday. All students from the first semester including SUG members’ arrived at Flag square. They boarded the bus and started their journey at 8 am under the supervision of Mr. DOU DONG and other assistant teachers.

The students looked so fresh and energetic, their music and dance moves made the journey more interesting. It took about 3 hours to reach the destination. There was a lunch break before starting the tour. Lunch was distributed among students and they were given time to finish it properly.

After the lunch students were gathered for a group photo and instructed by Mr. DOU DONG about safety. Then the students in groups started their tour. It was a very beautiful palace with a mesmerizing view. The half-naked trees with autumn leaves on both banks of the flowing stream, indeed it was a breathtaking view. Students hiked a few miles beside the stream, enjoyed the view and beautiful sunshine. They spent a few hours in that beautiful place and then returned as instructed.

All the students returned and boarded the bus to return to school. They were tired which indicated how much the enjoyed there.  On the way back some students talked about the great tour they just experienced and just took a nap to lighten the mood. In the end, everyone was happy and wished for such kind of amazing tours in the future. The bus reached the school at 7 pm and everyone went to his rooms with some good memories in mind.

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